The following advice given is recommendations that you could do to improve your group/company.


  1. About us page – This lets potential customers/clients know who you are and what experience you have in the paranormal field. Include the services you offer e.g. Public Events or Private Investigations, also have pictures and details about your team so people can see who you are and are more likely to trust your company or group if they can view those details.
  2. Easy to use layout which is optimised for mobile devices – A clear and easy layout makes it easier for people  to find the information they want, contact us buttons or “do you need help” text on front page lets people know that you are offering to help them. Lots of people use mobile and tablet devices to browse the internet so make sure that the website looks good on that too and the text is readable. See advice here about doing this
  3. If you charge for investigations – Make sure the prices clear and include all costs involved to the customer as this would avoid unnecessary hassle and also is required by law.
  4. Contact us form – This enables customers/clients to get in touch with you without having to open e-mail programs or separate websites, they can enter their details and then the information gets sent to you by e-mail.
  5. Details on previous investigations/reviews – It is a good idea to have details about previous investigations or reviews where possible as this shows to any potential customers/clients that you have experience and also you can gain some interest from people who are interested in the paranormal and can see what it’s about if they haven’t been on an event or investigation before.


  1. Visit the location first before the investigation if possible, this will help in planning out the investigation/event and you can get a feel for the location. Also you can view the areas you would be working in. If there is going to be more than 1 team during the investigation/event at the same time especially on public events it is always a good idea if there are more than 1 of you attending the recce is to choose 2 rooms you would use at the same time and each of you go to that room and call out as you would when doing the investigation to check for cross contamination. If you can hear the other team then it would be difficult to hear for other noises and wouldn’t be possible to use those 2 rooms together. You can also draw a blueprint map on where the rooms are in relation to the others which helps when planning later.
  2. Plan the investigation – Choose what rooms you would be using, timings of each session and breaks if required. If you created a map when doing the above this can help to do this. Near the date of the investigation sort out the team members you would be using for the investigation/event and create a team list into groups (if more than 1 team doing sessions at the same time) also if conducting a public event write the names of the customers who have booked and sort into groups with team members in charge. This will ensure when you start the event you will have a clear idea on who is going with who. You can sent this plan to your team members and create a customer version of it if required.
  3. Advise your customers/clients on the plan, if doing a private investigation check with the client if your plan is ok with them better to check and then they have a clear idea on what you are planning to do and this will reassure them. If you are conducting a public event then inform your customers advising them on the time to be there by and also the things you need them to bring with them like torch, appropriate footwear etc…
  4. Start of the investigation, check if all are present and if running a private investigation check that they are happy with your plan and answer any questions they may have. If conducting a public investigation then start an introduction to the team and tell them the plan you have for the night. Answer any questions your customers may have.
  5. Investigation – Be courteous to the people in charge of the location and respect the location at all times make sure the customers are too, there have been incidents where people haven’t done this and it has led the location to stop investigations. Maybe common sense but it is essential. As a BPA member this must be followed as you are representing the association when doing an investigation (See BPA member rules)
  6. After the investigation – Check you have everything especially equipment wise, if others have used something make sure you get it back before they go. I have seen this myself when someone borrows a torch and forgets to give it back until someone has asked for it back. If conducting a private investigation organise a meeting to discuss findings and to provide any evidence if captured.

We hope you find the above useful and we are also open for ideas, if you would like anything considered to be added to the list or require any help then please e-mail or visit our contact us page here.