Welcome to the Advice page.

Here we will give you advice and help you to manage a group/company, location or purchase tickets safely. Just click on the page that is relevant to you below.

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  1. We recommend public liability insurance of around £5 million if your running public events, this will protect you and your customers, there is a company we recommend, which is Westminster Indemnity. Also have a first aider on site at all times, this may be obvious but it is for your safety. 
  2. Risk Assess location – the location can help you with this. You may just be able to talk through the risks over the phone and before the investigation/event takes place.
  3. Terms & Conditions/Rules – Make sure you set in place and send everyone attending a copy of your terms & rules to make sure that everyone is aware of what they have to do. Also a plan of the night is also a plus and then your customers know what is expected and you also have a plan then for your other leaders in the group.
  4. Be polite and courteous to location managers/volunteers as without them you wouldn’t be there. Also treat the location with respect as you are visiting their property. We have heard of companies and groups not doing this.
  5. We can also offer you a website designed by our team under our domain for a small charge or your own domain but further charges will apply. E-mail admin@britishparanormal.org.uk for details.
  6. We can help you become registered as a non profit organisation or limited company with companies house, this will safeguard yourself and others if anything goes wrong and you need to close. Any group who is not registered then the leader is personally liable for any outstanding costs or reimbursements.

We have also noticed an increase on pricing of first aid courses but here is an online course which gives you a certificate on completion and is a cost effective way to get first aid trained. Click here for online course.

Thank you if you need any futher help then please contact us on the above address.