Welcome to the British Paranormal Association

We are an association which is a unincorporated association run by volunteers made up of different experienced paranormal leaders of groups.

Do you own/run a supposed haunted location and are thinking of opening up or are currently open to paranormal investigations/events? We can help manage the venue with you from the first enquiry to the night of the investigation/event. To find out more please visit our location management page here.

The BPA recommend that guests & members evaluate recommended teams before entering any agreement as the BPA cannot be responsible for any teams actions.

We verify each member before they are allowed on our directory by checking their details registered.

  •  We are not here to tell companies or groups how to run or put rules in place as they have their own rules/terms and conditions however we offer advice to anyone who requests it, this could be on how to contact a location, manage an event or help on creating rules, terms & conditions to safeguard themselves and others.
  • We also offer advice to locations on how to accept paranormal groups, running a location and what they can expect in terms of conduct, they can also check on our directory for the group/company which has contacted them especially if they are new to the paranormal community.

 You will find this on our advice page.

We invite leaders of paranormal groups/companies to register with us and receive a verification logo for their site once you have become verified.  You can register by clicking on the register button at the top of the page or by clicking here